Italian Markets

An Italian market with authentic Italian food. You can enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with parmesan and pecorino cheeses, various salami’s, a variety of olive oils, breads including everyone’s favourite ciabatta, sun-dried tomatoes and much, much more. Bring Italy to your doorstep with people who have a passion for food

Italian Food Market
(Subject to change & availability)


Cheeses, Cured Meats, Herbs & Pasta A choice of stunning Italian classics, such as the famous parmesan wheel and gorgonzola dolce as well as typical traditional local cheeses which include goats, sheep’s and cows milk cheeses. Many derive from the alps or from the dolomites. If you are not familiar with our cheese then ask to taste it!

Cured meats range from the classic prosciutto crudo, to the delicate yet distinctive beef bresaola. Our selections also include classic salame from Napoli and Milano. We also have pancetta and mortadella with pistachio. All of our cured meats are gluten free!

A wide range of speciality pasta such as extra long black squid Ink, chilli pepper spaghettoni and large shells will be on offer. Various types of tricolore pasta and many more other types of diverse pastas will also be on sale.

In addition many kinds of traditional Italian herbs & spices will be on sale, such as herbs for bruschetta, pesto, herbs for grilling foods as well as many types of chilli herbs and other mouth-watering combinations.


Olives of the finest quality which include olives hand-stuffed with a variety of fillings such as anchovies, garlic and almonds are available. We also have mix antipasto of olives and fine grilled black olives which are just some of the many types we have. Why not try the ones stuffed with chilli peppers from Calabria! Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil and a variety of wonderful grilled vegetables will also be on sale.

Gastronomia – Hot Foods

Biscotti e Dolci

Seasonal biscuits, cakes and pastries of the finest quality which include fine classic dolci pasticciera, such as cannoli and codine, which look like mini croissants filled with chocolate, lemon, hazelnut or coffee cream are all available to buy individually. We also have packets of classics on sale such as amaretti and cantuccci biscotti!. Fantastic giant sized breadsticks, olive or rosemary breadsticks are on sale which can be eaten on their own or with dips and cheeses of your choice.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars

Fine olive oils from Puglia, which are all produced from the first cold press. They all have their distinct flavours depending on the type and how they are produced. They can be used for doing “soffritto”, on salads or as dips with breads. We also offer a range of flavoured extra virgin oils including chilli, rosemary, basil and garlic oils.

We also have a fantastic selection of fine balsamic vinegars, both young and mature, which are all authentic and of a high quality, at very reasonable prices! Stop off at this stall and try each and every kind of oil or vinegar before you buy. Ask for recommendations on how to use the oils or which one is best for you. We also take orders should you wish to buy more specialised oil & balsamic – ask the stall holder for more details.

Torrone e Cioccolata

Torrone is the famous nougat cake first made on 25 Ocober 1441 in the village of Torrazzo, near Cremona, for a royal wedding reception. Since then this fantastic product has become famous all over Italy and beginning to make its name around the world. It’s best described as soft nougat & comes in over 40 different flavours, which include pistachio, limoncello and tiramisu, and are all gluten free! We also sell hot Italian drinking chocolate which comes in many flavours such as rum, vanilla, traditional or hazelnut. Just buy the sachets, mix with cold milk and bring to a boil before serving.

Gastronomia – Hot Foods

Hot foods are available at the Italian Market. They normally consist of the following: Italian 100% Pork Sausage in a ciabattina panino: Succulent sausage sliced in half, griddled and served in a small ciabatta with roasted peppers. This product is gluten free! Arancini di Riso: Balls of rice stuffed with various fillings such as ham and cheese & mushroom sauce, which are a Sicilian speciality from the roots of Palermo. These can be warmed up to be eaten onsite or taken home. Pizza/Calzone: Folded pizza and/or classic mini pizzas available to eat on the day or to take home. Authentic base and topping ingredients make this pizza a real taste of Italy!

Speciality Breads

We have a fantastic selection of speciality Italian breads on sale. These include the famous focaccia, plain and with herbs, the traditional ciabatta or a campagna country loaf. All the breads are baked in England but have been carefully selected to bring you a true Italian flavour. No flour improvers are used and all breads are baked on each morning of each market.

All stalls (gazebos) are 3m x 3m